Pennsylvania Notary Fees

*Maximum Notary fees as specified by the Secretary of the Commonwealth with the approval of the Attorney General.*

Acknowledgments $5.oo for first signature

$2.00 for each additional signature

Affidavits $5.00 for all signatures

Certificates $5.00 per certified Copy

Oaths $5.oo per individual taking oath (copy certifications)

Depositions $3.00 per page

Verifications $5.00

Protest $3.00 per page

*Please have valid photo ID or state ID*

*No expired driver licenses or expired ID*

*Other Excepted IDs

  • US Passport
  • Foreign passport stamped for entry into the US by the United States Citizenship and Immigration Services (USCIS)
  • US military ID card
  • ID card issued by the USCIS