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About Harmons Mobile Notary:

Harmons Mobile Notary is a family owned business.

I give this story to help others and inspire people to pursue their dreams, no matter how hard life tries to bring you down. How I got started, I worked for various banks, lenders, and title companies over the past 20 years. At the time I didn’t understand, all the training I was getting was leading me up to opening my own doors some day, but to another side of the mortgage business.

We opened in 2016 for a test run. We really didn’t have a name for the business yet and I was still working a part-time Sales Associate job at Staples until business picked up. I decided on January 1, 2017 to go full fledge with the notary business.

I moved from Midland Pennsylvania in 1988. Graduated from New Brighton Pennsylvania in 1990. Worked various jobs, stocked shelves at (Toys R Us), bagged grocery (Giant Eagle), Took care of adults with special needs(Life Management) Tier 2 Apple advisor(IBEX), Took care of troubled kid 11-18 (Mars Home for Youth), Closing Agent (Fidelity, Service Link, Three River Financial). The list of jobs I worked can go on……… so always look at where your at as a training ground for something to come. But the best thing of all was I met a lot of Great and Wonderful friends over the years.